#1c: Rich and Famous

The other night when I was lying awake, in between yawn and stretch, I thought about…


I’m unsure if any of you have seen the show Top Gear, the British one, not the shitty American one. Anyway, for both categories of people, I’ve got you covered.

For Non-Top Gear Watchers

So, it’s about cars. They test different cars, from Ford’s to Bugatti’s, to see which ones are good, bad, ugly, pretty, too expensive, etc. There are 3 British hosts and they are all hilarious. There is also a professional racecar driver, The Stig, that they have test the cars around the Top Gear Test Track so they can see where the cars rate, in terms of lap times. Don’t judge the show from my mediocre description, just click  and watch a bunch of hilarious clips of Richard Hammond and you’ll be hooked.

For Top Gear Watchers

GOOD ON YOU. Hey, really, good on you, it’s a fantastic show. So now that everyone is caught up, I was watching the show the other night and there was some lame ass celebrity that they had on to drive around as “The Star in our Reasonably Priced Car”.


I don’t want to be a celebrity for the fans, or the money, I would honestly donate it all to reasonablecharity. I just want to get a call from the producers of Top Gear and be able to whip the shit out of the reasonably priced car on the Top Gear Test Track. I’ve practiced on Gran Turismo 5 for years, and I’m done trying to convince my cousins’ girlfriend to let me go for a spin in her Chevrolet Aveo (the closest thing to the old reasonably priced car, the Lacetti, I’ll ever come). I just want to become famous, even if it’s just for that episode, to drive this average car and have a chance to compete against Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s lap times.

Yup, this is the shit I think about when I can’t sleep.

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